Telephone Rates


Ducor Telephone Company provides a wide variety of products and services including the following basic service offerings:


  Monthly Rates One-Time Charges
Single Party Residential Service $20.25 $49.00
Single Party Business Service $30.00 $49.00
Single Party Universal LifeLine Service (ULTS)* $6.11 $10.00
Plus: Extended Area Service (EAS) Increment paid by Ducor exchange to call Porterville ordered by the Commission:
  • Residential
$1.35 $0.00
  • Business
$4.00 $0.00
  • ULTS
$0.68 $0.00
Service Change Charge $11.50
Returned Check Charge $20.00
Reconnect charge for service that was disconnected for non-payment $40.00
Reconnect charge for LifeLine service $10.00


In addition to the above monthly rates for Kennedy Meadows and Rancho Tehama exchanges, there is a $6.50 Federal Subscriber Line Charge (SLC) and a $2.00 Access Recovery Charge (ARC) which applies to business and residential single party lines and $0.87 ARC to residential single party lines and $9.20 for a business with more than one line for the SLC and $3.00 for ARC.

For Ducor exchange, there is a $ 6.50 Federal SLC and a $2.00 ARC that applies to business single party lines and $0.87 ARC to residential single party lines. There is $9.20 for a business with more than one line for the SLC and $3.00 for ARC.

The LifeLine $6.50 (SLC) charge is paid entirely by the Federal LifeLine Program. The service is not transferrable and only eligible customers may enroll in the program. The program is limited to one discount per household. The ARC is not billed to LifeLine customers. The Federal LifeLine program provides $9.25 in total support.

The above rates include the following:

  • Local calling and the ability to receive unlimited incoming calls
  • Touch tone capability
  • Access to operator services, directory assistance, and long distance service providers
  • Voice grade access to the public switched network
  • Free access to emergency 9-1-1 and 800 or 800-like services
  • One free directory listing
  • One free white page telephone directory
  • Free blocking for ULTS
  • Free access to the telephone relay service
  • Free access to the business office
  • Free access to 8-1-1 (Call Before You Dig) service
  • Free access to the California Relay Service by dialing 7-1-1

*The Universal LifeLine Telephone Service is a government assistance state and federally funded program, which provides discounted service to low-income residential customers who meet the eligibility rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission. A discounted basic service rate, discounted one-time installation charges, free toll blocking, and two lines if your household has a disabled member that uses a TTY is made available to those who qualify for Universal LifeLine Telephone Service.


Custom Calling Service:
(discounts apply if more than one feature is ordered)
Business Call Forwarding $3.50
Residence Call Forwarding $2.50
Business Call Waiting $4.00
Residence Call Waiting $3.00
Business/Residence Toll Restriction $2.50
Business caller ID Number Service $6.00
Residence Caller ID Number Service $4.00
Residence Call Forwarding & Call Waiting $4.00
Residence Call Waiting & Three-way calling $4.50
Business Anonymous Call Rejection $2.50
Residence Anonymous Call Rejection $2.50
Residence Call Forwarding, Call Waiting & Three-Way Calling $4.50


Charges to Change Long Distance Carrier: $5.50



Inside Wiring Maintenance Service Charges, Visit Charges
and Intrabuilding Network Charges:
Normal Hours $70.00
Overtime Hours $87.00


For additional details on any of the services, please contact your local exchange.