California Disabled Customers


711In an effort to provide our customers with the best possible telephone service and experience, we have joined with the California Relay Service (CRS). The primary goal of the CRS Program is to provide specialized telephone equipment and services to Californians who may have difficulty using a standard telephone. Ducor Telephone Company provides access to CRS to its customers by providing an abbreviated number that connects to the CRS toll-free number. In order to access CRS, simply dial “711” from your telephone. This alleviates the need to dial a hard to remember, and often, hard to dial, 10 digit number.

Furthermore, Ducor Telephone Company has established an intelligence gathering program. This program is designed to obtain information from our customers with disabilities about any problems they may have using our services, making calls, receiving calls and more. If you or a family member has difficulty using any of Ducor Telephone’s services, and would like to participate in the IGP program, you can:

  • Contact Customer Support at (888) 546-5433
  • Pick up a copy of the form at our office
  • Request a form via US mail
  • Request a form be sent by email

att_LogoTo learn more about the CRS, visit the links below.
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